Reader Question:

i will be an 18-year-old feminine. Just a little over four weeks back, a 24-year-old friend friended myself on Twitter.

One night the guy kissed me personally about cheek and another he kissed myself regarding the lips. Eventually I started initially to kiss him back.

I am creating more emotions for him when I’m getting to know him, but I am unsure how he seems concerning the circumstance.

Could it be OK for all of us to continue our actual connection? Gender won’t be an issue. He says that’s not exactly what he wants from me, and that I you shouldn’t intend on carrying out the action until i will be wandered down the aisle.

Must I have a consult with him in regards to plainly defining everything we have together?

-Jen (U.S.)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Response:

Dear Jen,

I adore your private boundaries, but having rules and enforcing are usually two different things.

As sexual bodily hormones warm up, it may create fears he’ll keep if you don’t adhere to improvements that often boost.

It is that slick pitch that creates the modern hypocrite acknowledged “the technical virgin,” people that participate in every type intercourse except vaginal sexual intercourse.

Because of this, i would recommend restricting your sexual touch to hand holding and cheek making out.

As you tend to be young and not used to the online game of stating no, I have included this short excerpt from my personal book “The 30-Day Love detoxify,” where we describe why a token “no” is not enough:

“in an attempt not to ever show up ‘sexually simple,’ females usually say ‘no’ to gender while retaining cozy power and real closeness. Their ‘no’ is murmured while they’re kissing him plus their hands.

This is extremely complicated for men. Her mouth claims one thing but her human anatomy another. This is a mixed information certainly. And most certain date rape situations being experimented with according to that large giant misunderstanding.

Sandra Metts, whose work on Illinois State University focuses on intimate communication, says the ‘token no’ is a dangerous approach.

‘My information to ladies who want to end up being polite to a prospective companion is to say no really straight right after which to go away from the close context. Actually stand up, move throughout the space, or ask to be taken residence. Really a misunderstanding that a person’s thoughts will likely be injured or that he will feel marked down if their big date will not have sex. No explanation is required.'”

As for whether you two should explore a difficult link. Needless to say! Indeed, the distance might help you retain the pledge to yourself to stay a virgin.

Stay inside your borders plus don’t end up being timid about asking him about his thoughts as you go along.

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