Heat Beats Live + Morgan Ågren Tourbook DVD 1991-2007


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1) The Return of Advokaten 7:58
2) Rhinecliff Hotell 6:01
3) Mats Jingle 5:04
4) Pulse 1:59
5) Friis 0:45
6) Tvingle 5:52
7) Watch Me Pleasure 3:33
8) Hermetoast 0:21
9) The Bösendorfer of Advokaten 11:19
10) Riff at Play 0:12
11) Truvas Rumba 5:08
12) Cry of Laika 3:43


This DVD contains various recordings made during a 16-year span, including live and studio recordings featuring many of my favorite musicians, plus lots of solo drums. I am happy that all of this material is recorded at all. It would have been a waste to set my hair on fire without being able to see it after…! Besides this fire accident, this tourbook also features Mats/Morgan Band (as a quintet, trio and duo), Fleshquartet, [ box ], The Music of Captain Beefheart, Simon Steensland Kamikaze United, Freddie Wadling, Magma/Vander tribute, Drumkit From Hell sessions, Fredrik Thordendal sessions, etc. Total playing time: 1 hour, 47 minutes


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