By obtaining 2600 books for the school’s library, Jackson made it “the largest library owned by white or colored in all Holmes County.” On a rainy Friday night, Chelsea came over to sit in the common room of my suite. She is a new member of Chi Omega, but as a freshman she began the intake process for Alpha Kappa Alpha, one of the on-campus chapters of the African American Fraternal and Sororal Association . If I am remembering correctly, there were four main points/days of Kairos? I believe these were directly connected to the secrets.

Is not seeking nor making any money from our publication, nor are we using “a substantial part of the whole”. We’ve taken only snippets to share for ministerial teaching, and educational purposes only. You ARE worshipping, and giving your heart and soul to something else, NOT Jesus. These organizations claim “light” or to enlighten you by the “spirit” of the organization. Tab for links to sites to help you understand some things related to Freemasonry.

You are entering the last phase of this sacred hour, and are about to join hands with those Alpha Kappa Alpha women who continually remind themselves of the pledge they made and the loyalties they owe. I, …, do solemnly promise to love and revere the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and to do all in my power to perpetuate the organization. The bonds of sisterhood are strong that faith and trust are blind with no reservations. You will continue to demonstrate your faith and trust by following those orders given to you. Basileus, the Pilot with the candidates who desire to be admitted to our order is here.


Informal sessions continued, with regular bi-weekly meetings beginning after the holiday. Wednesday, January 15, 1908, the 9 coeds held the first official bi-weekly meetings in Miner Hall. On February 21, 1908, the 7 sophomores invited to continue the legacy of the sorority were admitted without initiation and endowed with found status. In its first few months of life, Alpha Kappa Alpha cast the mold for its pattern of leadership in the activities of the campus. The Sorority developed a beautiful tradition of ritualic services and intimate social affairs for its members, cultural and civic presentations for the general public and varied academic, service and spiritual life for the university.

It is our duty as disciples of The Lord Jesus Christ to warn of darkness, so the truth of Christ will be known.

I like how it was not all centered on religion, though I did grow in my faith a lot. It was really just about knowing who you are and what you value. And that the things you value should be kept important. I know for me, on the third night we had a grand silence. Everyone was aloud to walk around and pray or do whatever until the bell rand. I found myself running super fast until i was exhausted, I had stopped at a light and to my right was a statue of Jesus on the cross.


Alpha Kappa Alpha was incorporated on January 29, 1913. All recruitment is deferred until spring of freshman year, all new members must attend a Greek Life Convocation, and hazing is forbidden. However, Stanford students are certainly more aware of Inter-Fraternity and Sorority Council chapters, if they even know that others exist. Stanford Daily criticisms of Greek life point to the ISC formal recruitment process, the low representation of students of color , and misconduct of ISC and IFC chapters.

In July 2007, through Habitat for Humanity, the sorority helped build a house in New Orleans for a family that survived Hurricane Katrina. I can point you to numerous sources of old school pledging photos of Sigma Gamma Rho and the Aurora Pledge Club. At 9pm, about an hour before she was to be at Cubberley, Chelsea called Janet, and was reprimanded for calling so late.

The secret Ritual of Alpha Kappa Alpha, 1977

The organization celebrated a silver anniversary in Nassau, Bahamas, in 2005. EAF is incorporated into the International President’s centennial program for funding under Excellent Scholarly Performance. Overall, EAF has donated more than $200,000 in grants and awarded 1,400 students with scholarships. Other major donors to EAF include Continental Airlines and Northern Trust.

And they also accept whatever belief a person has , which is clearly not TRUE Christianity. In the day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to My gospel. For nothing is hidden, except to be revealed; nor has anything been secret, but that it would come to light.

What ACTUALY HAPPENED at Kairos – aka… the secrets post.

The women loudly talked to each other, ignoring her some of the time, making fun of her clothes and calling her fat. Chelsea tried to laugh it off, but Janet, livid that Chelsea was not taking this seriously, and kicked her out. Sometime during the afternoon, they told us to go into our room and to stay there until we were directed. They asked us to not fall asleep, and instead spend the time praying or meditating in silence. I spent the time listening to my mp3 player (which I wasn’t allowed to have).

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Secrets Revealed! – Comic Years

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Secrets Revealed!.

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You are sorted out into groups of about 10 people max. The student leaders and past Kairos members do a little research to make sure that no close friends are put into a group with you. What ACTUALY HAPPENED at Kairos – aka… the secrets post. Was first publicly revealed by WikiLeaks working with our source. Your continuous interests, devoted efforts and a lifetime of service. As each candidate rises, her candle is lighted, a wreath of ivy is placed on het head and the badge is placed upon her over her heart.

Alpha Beta Chapter investigation

I saw them doing volunteer work and staying “pretty” at the same time and I admired that. All of the K’s I knew were smart, sophisticated and nice. The more information I got the more obsessed I became. I found sacred items such as a badge I bought online, access to ritual books, secret passwords etc. I even forged a fake badge after gaining access to the website and attended Boule. I had put in my own personal work and didn’t feel the need to actually go through with the proper procedures.

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Pretty Little Liars: Every Major “A” Reveal, Ranked.

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They gave you the rest of the night to spend reading the letters. Out of all my days at Kairos, this made it the most worth it. I’ve lost a lot of the friends and family who wrote me those letters, so to have something that personal from them, makes all the difference. Advocates for Black Colleges– The purpose of the Advocates for Black Colleges is to raise $100,000 for a selected historically black college and university, to support the institution’s scholarships and program grants. Corporations as well as minority graduates of historically black colleges are encouraged to donate funds as well. The first college receiving aid is Stillman College in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Educational Advancement Foundation

After about two hours, the sun had set, and they opened the doors up to the dark hallway. They asked us to bring a pillow and to line up single file. They brought us to a room that was almost completely dark, with the exception of a couple candles at the doorway and a couple candles in the front of the room. We were asked to lay on the floor with our heads on the pillows and our eyes closed. People began reading out letters, which were clearly written for a random person in the room. You didn’t know who’s letter was who’s until the end when the parent/aunt/uncle/sibling/guardian’s name was read.

  • I may be wrong but I feel like people who pledged “old school” have a greater respect for their organizations and are more serious about the work of their orgs.
  • The NPC was dissolved on July 15, 1948, by twelfth Supreme Basileus Edna Over Gray-Campbell.
  • I have finally gotten over my obsession but remain a financial member.
  • Was classified, confidential, censored or otherwise withheld from the public before release.
  • If I remember correctly, my Kairos group tried not to be TOO constantly God-centered, since some of the students weren’t actually Catholic, but there were many activities that had you question/grow your relationship with God.

“I created a little box that hung on the wall in the art department,” production designer Jakub Durkoth told Cosmo. “If you asked a logic question, you had to put a dollar in it.” In October 2017, Valentino announced that he had been diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer, and was given one year to live from the time of the diagnosis. In June 2020 in an interview with the Brazilian show Domingo Espetacular of RecordTV, he said he was cured and that he is in Brazil preparing a project. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he is quarantined in the country, hosted at the Clown Rogério house. He also appeared in his own production, “Valentino’s Magical Extravaganza”.

  • But the more well-known the organization is, the easier it is for others to hear about the good — such as philanthropy — as well as the incidents we should all seek to end.
  • “I created a little box that hung on the wall in the art department,” production designer Jakub Durkoth told Cosmo.
  • It was time-consuming, but the focus seemed to be on bonding.
  • On a rainy Friday night, Chelsea came over to sit in the common room of my suite.
  • After a breakup early in their relationship, Patrick J. Adams secured a small role on Pretty Little Liars to win back Bellisario.

The ten regions are each led by a bookkeeping services, where she serves a member of the sorority’s board of directors. In addition to serving on the sorority’s Board of Directors, the Regional Director also follows guidelines, program targets set by the International President, as well as procedures. Almost two-thirds of the sorority’s Regional Directors have been elected as international presidents. On September 1, 1945, Alpha Kappa Alpha established The National Health Office in New York City. The National Health Office was dissolved in 1951, as its goals were incorporated into the sorority’s international program. Chelsea’s story is important, but it is not the only story to be told; we need others to share their experiences so that we can understand the problem, and improve the culture for everyone.

Quander advised the group that they had no right legally or ethically to make such changes and advised them to hold a poll of the entirety of the sorority. That poll found that the vast majority did not favor the change. In this way, the women voted to reorganize, and allowed others to join and this group later became the twenty two founders of Delta Sigma Theta. Quander set up a committee that worked to incorporate ΑΚΑ as a perpetual entity.


Chelsea reached out to Dean Griffith’s office once again to see what the result of the investigation had been, and was given a name of a student she could contact. That student also happened to be an active member of AKA. Through small talk, Chelsea found out that AKA was not allowed to have a spring line , but that the recruitment process had hardly changed otherwise. All Greek organizations must register their recruitment activities with the university. According to the university, AKA had not registered the events in which Chelsea participated.

It serves, therefore, as a t raining ground for women who will assume increasingly greater responsibilities for leadership in their expanding communities. For this degree ONLY, the Basileus and Pilot wear a black academic gown and the candidate wear black dress. The candidates stand in semi-circle around the table facing the Basileus. Upon the table are two candleholders with pink and green candles and a pledge book before a centerpiece of tea roses and/or a pot of ivy. In alumna chapters, the pledging shall take place two to six weeks prior to initiation. “For a long time, people would ask, ‘Who’s A.D.?’ And I’d say, ‘It’s me!’ And everyone would just laugh,” she said.