Very HEIs, browse organisations and you may capital companies inside the Lithuania remain development their GEPs and you will implementation preparations

Unusually, the new Lithuanian Centre getting Social Sciences (LCSS) as well as shows having difficulties for a balanced symbolization of women and boys within its governing structures.

As the a partner about Panorama 2020 opportunity “Help and you may Applying Preparations having Intercourse Equality inside Academia and you may Look” (SPEAR ), Vilnius College or university is actually obliged to cultivate a broad GEP to your whole school by the end out of 2021

Multiple, yet not, actually have GEPs in position and declaration their achievement. The present day “Package out of Actions to your Utilization of Equality from the Vilnius Academy off Arts” try recognized included in their Equivalent Potential Rules within the 2020. It contact equivalent opportunities and you will range products into the leadership, comprehensive culture, versatile working standards, recruitment and you will career advancement, equal pay and you can communication. Whether or not gender equality are clearly stated relating to equal possibilities and equal pay (measure 5.1: to be certain intercourse equilibrium one of leading ranking, and you will level 5.2: to avoid new gender spend gap), it’s generally implicitly covered by every terms towards equivalent options.

Vilnius University’s “Variety and you will Equivalent Potential Strategy 2020-2025 implementation plan for 2020–2022” yourself pursue the fresh new objectives of approach. It outlines measures in order to:

  • Establish dignified, need-oriented and you may high-top quality data and dealing criteria for people with disabilities;
  • Provide cultural variety at school and you can equal addition away from overseas people and you can staff regarding the university’s society;
  • Enable somebody experience personal exception to this rule to follow advanced schooling in the university;
  • Create an effective way to let members of the newest university’s area to higher harmony analysis and you will/or functions requirements that have private obligations;
  • Build anti-discrimination steps and you may foster a keen organisational society one to thinking diversity and you can respects per person in the newest University’s area.

The word “gender” looks on the listing out-of personal kinds from inside the policy records, near to race, nationality, words, supply, social status, religion, belief or advice, years, intimate direction, disability and you can ethnicity

Purpose II often “shoot for sex equality inside private areas of science and you can degree in the college or university compliment of implementing GEPs when it comes to children and you will staff and you will as a consequence of desire intercourse harmony in the university’s governing bodies”. The fresh implementation of that it mission contributed to brand new “Vilnius University’s Guidance for Gender-sensitive and painful Vocabulary” (Vilniaus universiteto Lyciai jautrios kalbos gaires, 2021) and GEPs inside four educational divisions .

Vilnius University’s Professors off Correspondence (FC ), Professors out of Business economics and you may Organization Administration (FEBA ), Faculty out-of Opinions (FPh ), Institute off Internationally Interactions and you will Political Sciences (IIRPS ) and you will Providers School (BS ) have all based GEPS. They all target sex equality points by the: integrating sex equivalence prices within the organisational records; training all the area professionals; interaction points concerned about feel-raising; and overseeing GEP implementation. Specific tips throughout the GEPs are different. For example, new GEP of one’s IIRPS is sold with regular communications of the formal standing with the sex equivalence around and you may on the outside, additionally the organisation off specialist occurrences to understand more about equivalence and you may/otherwise ladies frontrunners subject areas. The brand new GEPs off FC and FPh concentrate on the development and you may dissemination out-of advice on the partnering gender for the look and you may knowledge, and you may intercourse equivalence principles in general telecommunications. The latest GEP regarding FEBA includes numerous methods dealing with gender equality things among college students.

This new Aquatic Look Institute , together with the Klaipeda University’s Faculty regarding Marine Tech and you will Pure Sciences , followed this new GEP 2018-2023 . One GEP was created inside design of Views 2020 project Baltic Sex when you look at the 2018. The document will be based upon an extensive current state investigation and talks about career advancement, work and you can friends, and you will a lot of time-title sustainability of your own GEP. It includes several goals (elizabeth.grams. 1.step one. Increase a better job and you may leadership) and 18 methods to reach those people targets (e.grams. 1.step 1.step 1. Studies to improve awareness of intercourse issues anyway levels).