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(Particular state they are my “dual fire,” even when we are not most sure what it means. Whenever we look at the jet off love together-usually by way of ecstatic moving, reflection along with her call at character, or attention looking, we have totally different experiences. This new yogis state you’ll find five pathways in order to God, incase this is true, next Dennis skills the new “jnana” highway (the road of knowledge otherwise basic facts) and i also have the “bhakti” highway (the path of devotion). You can also physique it the new Sacred Male highway and you may the fresh Divine Feminine highway. (Hear about the essential difference between the 2 pathways here.)

The individual We have went to brand new jet regarding love with many commonly and more than predictably was my personal strange spirit twin-brother Dennis

The thing i experience is actually a deep eliminate to go into the when I am along with you-an open invite to let wade. Stopping the thing i discover myself is and you will losing into center or perhaps the not familiar, that is gazing myself about sight during your sight. I’m able to find it best not in the surface of your own face, right behind the fresh new look of the vision. I can lose my interest a tiny and you can “see” in you, “see” inside me and you will getting it remove so that wade significantly more. I let go of my ideas, looks stress, every one of my sensory faculties, and i also slip on strong recreational, perception liked, and you can safer, moreso than I actually do with another. The experience try deeper, a whole lot more within the sync, way more during the balance, allowing a much deeper dropping within the. The things i sense after that dropping aside feels as though a liberty away from inner dialogue, a freedom off self-reflection, an aggressive and you may loud silence, a love for most of the beings and everybody. I come face to face having a-deep Exposure regarding the moment. No maxims or viewpoint disturb myself from the “now.” We feel a-deep, childlike glee to play in this beautiful business, seeing the nation due to the fact sparkly and you can the latest-brand new unfamiliar world past people believe design, since if I’m viewing the sweetness and also the holiness of the world through a newborn little one’s vision. Contained in this jet, I realize one limits aren’t actual, that we have somebody next to me in the place of reducing my stability. When I am not saying regarding the jet from love, my really worth method is predicated on thought and basics that get when it comes to unconditional fascination with every beings. You can easily hold them on your possession as you bed, touching and you may kissing and also kissing- simply seeing brand new essence and you may beauty of the being, with no doubts or opinion of your consequences beyond your planes out of like. Just the notice with all their maxims claims you can not be which sexual that have strangers. Throughout the flat out-of like, we’re all You to definitely and like is you will find.

However in new plane out of love, you are able to help “strangers” already been entirely in the cardio

To make the journey to the newest plane out-of love, I want to feel comfortable. You create me personally feel at ease. Shortly after I’m indeed there, You will find no doubt you to I am safe and nothing renders me personally end up being unsafe. I’m only deep like, associations, and Oneness. My mind is silent, therefore i don’t know exactly who I’m otherwise in which I’m. I am simply that it moment in the true satisfaction, such as for instance a young child about garden off Heaven. It is a genuine gift off freedom – liberty of your own attention and also the conceptual community, independence out-of tales regarding what’s best or wrong, the way i like to be addressed . . . bla bla bla – all the things one to holds no real reality if you see the fresh “truth” from it, when you see owing to it on love beneath it the.