At this point there’s no attacking in addition they forget one another entirely up until offer big date

Nevertheless question is my workplace told you it is possible to continue a masculine female pair together within the a massive container (Scott W

Harlequin Tusk ,Thalassoma Lunare follow on Hi Anthony We haven’t composed to own good few weeks very promise the is actually really on the ‘neck off the fresh new woods’ ? I leftover the brand new Harlequin about QT for nearly six-weeks while i argued what you should do, in the long run I would personally grown too fond of your so that your go and thus keeps him no matter if I’ve to arrange another permanent tank. Working as an excellent wholesaler or store for a long time lends you high belief to have approaching several thousand seafood> Immediately following dinner will come throughout the container the new lunare does make an effort to chase the Harlequin of his ‘patch’ as you warned, but is so enthusiastic to find back once again to your food one to he do zero problems for the brand new harlequin who seems not to worry that’s back regarding furor again.

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Its like living with a roommate or spouse that is otherwise perfect except for 3 meals daily and tea time when they punch you in the face. Lends some stress to the lifestyle despite all the good times in between> After the first flurry they ignore each other again until next feed time. They have co-habited now since the Christmas holiday and so I am hoping they can continue together but I will watch for any developing trouble. I’m thinking maybe about 8ft would be o. Thanks again – Jenny <the bigger tank will be the best solution in time. Great to hear from you!

Six line wrasse compatibility Hello, I have a question on Six Line Wrasse compatibility. I have a 29 gal tank with two False Percula clowns, four Nassarius snails, 4 Blue Legged Hermit Crabs, a Emerald Green Crab, a group of small Star Polyps, one False Anemone, one large Feather Duster, and several small feather dusters and white worms with red plumes. I like the small dusters and worms that came on the live rock and am concerned about their well being. Will the Wrasse eat any of the aforementioned? I wanted something small that would swim around the rock that I’ve taken great pains in setting up to provide hiding spaces and good current flow. My clowns swim close to the top and the tank needs something swimming around the rocks. I am also concerned about a few smallish Bristle Worms in the tank that at some point may go after . anything. Wrasses should keep these in check. If not a Wrasse, have you any suggestions? Tell Anthony, that the folks at Elmer’s Aquarium say ” Hello”. Thanks! Steve Scott( A frequent Customer at Elmer’s, and dedicated reader of your fine website!). You folks saved me a lot of frustration and probably many a fish life! <great to hear it. kind regards. Anthony

A great Lunar Phase? Hi. Scott F. We set-up good 209G container months in the past that will be today the place to find several baby trigger (step 3 inches Niger, 2 inches King, and you may 4 inch Blue line), “true” Black Volitans Lion (pitch-black! That is an abundance of fish which get Huge in a single container, actually a giant one. Talking about fairly dirty eaters, too, and certainly will wear-out h2o top quality right away if you don’t stick to most readily useful out of something (but I’m sure that you’re going to, correct? The Queen Produce is absolutely among the nastiest fishes as much as. I got myself him from him for just 5 bucks due to the fact the guy possess HLLE (didn’t discover wrasses might get they, however, I suppose one thing is achievable).